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How to Increase Engagement with Followers on Our Facebook Pages Can You Buy Facebook Post Likes

The act of advertising on Facebook will not only benefit us now can you buy Facebook post likes, but it will also benefit us in the future. If we want to increase our popularity, we must create messages that encourage interaction.

In recent months, the organic virality of Facebook has been drastically decreased. Our messages reach a very low percentage of our followers, and this strongly influences the level of engagement we have with them. In fact, according to a report presented by the company last September, can you buy Facebook post likes the reach on Facebook was reduced between 5% and 40%. For this reason we must increase our efforts if we do not want to lose the trust and commitment of our followers.

Thus, there are three actions that we can carry out and that will help us increase our organic positioning and the engagement of our brands on Facebook.

What will you find here?


Understand how Facebook works

The first thing we have to do is understand how the social network really works today and what factors influence positioning. Well, broadly speaking, we can define it as the whiting that bites its tail, that is, the more followers who interact with the brand, the more it will be shown to them. In other words, if we get our followers to “like”, share or comment on our posts, can you buy Facebook post likes Facebook will show them our new messages more often on their wall.

On the contrary, if our followers do not interact with our messages, the social network will understand that we do not share content that interests or likes them, so it will penalize us by lowering our visibility.

Payment positioning

The social network is trying to promote its paid actions. Therefore, the fact of advertising on Facebook, promoting messages or getting new fans, will not only benefit us today, but it will also benefit us in the future. That is, if, for example, we promote a post, it will get more likes, comments, people who share it. And that is when we come to the previous point, in which Facebook understands that we are sharing content of interest to our followers and rewards us with greater visibility on their wall.

Organic positioning

Now, at this point and when we already understand that we have to get our users to interact with our messages, we have two options: either invest in advertising, can you buy Facebook post likes or create messages that encourage them to interact with us.

We are now going to put ourselves in this case and explain how we can achieve it:

  • Evoke emotions or feelings: if we arouse the emotions of users, it will be easier for them to interact with us.
  • Ask questions: if we seek the opinions of the followers, if we draw their attention, we will get more comments on our posts.
  • Inspirational phrases or quotes: Lately, can you buy Facebook post likes phrases that inspire or motivate are well received on Facebook. In fact, they reach great heights of virality. Thus, this can be a good content strategy for our brand.
  • Use images or videos: a good update accompanied by eye-catching audiovisual content will capture more attention and interaction.
  • Respond: a very important point is to always respond to user comments, either because they ask us questions, or simply by thanking them for their opinions.

Interaction is the main point to take into account if what we want is to increase engagement with our followers. That is why we should try to call to action and encourage our followers to comment, share or like our posts.