Buy 100 Facebook Photo Likes Instantly and how are Facebook Contests Effective?

If you regularly use Facebook, you will often find that many companies launch contests from their accounts on this social network. Have you ever considered creating a contest yourself? If you haven’t launched yet, it may be because you don’t know very well how to do it, if it will really bring you any benefit or if it will only result in a waste of resources of all kinds. Then you are in the perfect place, buy 100 Facebook photo likes instantly because we are going to tell you when and how it is really effective for you to run contests on Facebook.

As we always say, technology, social networks, data, etc., are tools that we have within our reach and that we must use to achieve our goals. But much less all of them, nor indiscriminately, buy 100 Facebook photo likes instantly according to a plan and a strategy that has clear objectives that are intended to be achieved. The fundamental thing is to know all the alternatives that exist to choose the one that suits us best.

In the specific case of contests on Facebook, this is a great action if what your company is looking for is to create or expand a database, increase the number of followers, generate engagement, attract new customers and retain those who have already carried out an operation with you, get traffic to other websites -such as your corporate page, a landing page or a microsite-, test the opinion of consumers about a product or service… And to sell. Because although you may have heard that social networks are not sales channels, at Plan media we believe that they can be used as sales tools.

Once you are clear about what you want, the next step is to select the type of contest on Facebook. The choice will depend on your target audience and the deadlines you manage, as there are contests that can be held in a very short space of time and others that require a longer process for the participation of candidates and the selection of the winner.

When you want to increase the databases, a good option is the giveaways. Surely you have come across phrases such as “To participate you just have to invite your friends or share”. You can also directly request that they fill out a form with the data that you are interested in collecting or taking advantage of to carry out a market study. Ask and test and you will obtain preferences, tastes and the opinion of consumers.

If you are interested in generating engagement, create contests that request the participation of users with personal content such as photos, recipes, stories or similar. The content will depend on the activity of your business and the profile of your target! If you are a hotel, why not a photo contest of areas of the hotel and nearby areas? At the same time, you will be able to create special links and obtain enthusiastic commercials that will spread the best of your establishment.

When you intend to give visibility to your brand, you have the option of creating virality through a voting contest. It is easy, fast, does not require any effort on the part of the user and each vote will be reflected on the participant’s Facebook wall. If you are looking to increase the number of followers, close the contest for followers and fans; and if what you want is to increase sales, drive users to your Landing Page.

And now comes the key question… How much does this cost?

Although we are talking about a social network, it is not absolutely free. You have to count on the time you invest in designing, creating, promoting and managing them, with the cost of the gift (what is offered should be proportional to what is requested) and its delivery, etc. On the other hand, in addition to disseminating the contest through your own media, web and social networks, sometimes some promotion in paid media is appropriate. The good news is that you don’t need to buy any fancy tools, there are free tools out there!

Once the contest ends, report its closure. But be careful with indicating the name of the winners through Facebook! Although Facebook prohibits it, you can always refer to your own website, blog, etc., to access the information buy 100 Facebook photo likes instantly. In this way you will bring consumers closer to your home. We also recommend that you ask the winner to send a photo where they can be seen enjoying their prize. Spread it. You will gain credibility and prolong the positive effects of this action.

And of course, review the results obtained. Always, always, it is essential that you analyze the results. At a quantitative and qualitative level: How many people have participated? Have you got any peak among your fans? And in the traffic of your website? How many clicks, likes, comments or items have been shared? Does it exceed your usual average? What tone are the comments? Are they positive or negative? Collecting and carefully evaluating this information will be very useful for you to improve when you undertake new actions of this type.

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