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How to Buy Likes on Facebook Post and To Create a Page on Facebook: 6 Details to Keep In Mind When Starting

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and more than being a tool to connect people, today it is a means for companies to relate to their audience.

But it is not enough to create a page on Facebook and hope that by being on the network, how to buy likes on Facebook post all the work will be done. It is necessary to study the correct actions to use to position your brand correctly in the network and create an efficient relationship with your customers and prospects.

To do this, we have selected some tips to create a page from scratch – if you don’t have one yet – and also tips on basic strategies – if you already have a page, but you are starting your actions on Facebook.

What is a fanpage or a Facebook page?

A fanpage (or Facebook page) is a page created especially to be a channel of communication with fans within the social network (fanpage = page for fans, in literal translation).

Unlike profiles, fanpages are spaces that bring together people interested in a common topic, company, cause or personality, without the need for the approval of a friend. It is the fan who chooses whether or not to follow updates on a given page.

How to buy likes on Facebook post fanpages are very valuable communication channels for companies. Imagine that in the past you needed to invest in a television channel, a newspaper or a radio station to communicate with your potential customers.

The Fanpage plays a similar role. It is as if you had a space on television, newspaper or radio, but with a free option and a very interesting offer.

Starting to create a page on Facebook

The first thing you need to know before you start using Facebook for your business is that you should create a Page for your business, not a personal profile.

  • Local businesses or locations;
  • Company, organization or institution;
  • Brand or product;
  • Artist, band or public figure;
  • Entertainment;
  • Cause or community.

These categories, in turn, have very specific subcategories, in order to make it very clear what the objective of your business is. How to buy likes on Facebook post select the segment to which your page belongs, set the name and your page will be created.

How to buy likes on Facebook post, define all the settings for your page. If you just created it, just below the cover photo there is a step by step to start the customization: add profile photo, place cover photo, and enter a brief description of the business and a username.

1. Profile and cover photo

The profile photo is the main image of your company on Facebook, since it will appear every time you share a new content in the news feed. Therefore, we suggest that you use an image that adequately presents your business.

Regarding the size, the default profile image is square, with a minimum resolution of 180 x 180px. So, before placing the image, make sure it is in this format and with that minimum resolution, so there are no distortions.

You can also use the cover photo to put your company image – the cover photo is the largest image that appears when someone accesses your page. For this image, what was said about the profile image also applies: you must place an image that is the exact size of the resolution (minimum 851 x 315px) so that no element of the image is cut off.

Take advantage of this image in a creative way: use it to place an offer, the vision of the company, the support of a cause, the slogan of your business, a photo (internal or external) of the company or a product of yours or any other product or other image that represents your brand in some way.

2. About the company

In the “Information” section, which is located on the left sidebar of the page, it is possible to enter various information about your company, such as contact information, address, telephone, email, website and other important information, such as description and related topics.

In this section, you can also define a username, to customize the URL and create a Facebook page with a more professional image, as in the example of the RD Station page.

In general, it is necessary to have a minimum number of visits so that you can customize the URL. Invite your close friends and family to “like” the page for the option to be released.

Just be careful with the choice of URL, as changing that name is a difficult task. You do not need to consider this information now; if you wish, you can leave it for later.

3. Other settings

These aren’t the only customizations you can make when creating a Facebook Page. How to buy likes on Facebook post there is a tab, called “settings”, where you can define information such as your target audience (this helps you gain relevance in searches), add Page administrators, etc.

4. Other page elements

There are three columns that you will notice after creating a page on Facebook:

  • The left column is fixed, so when scrolling the page, the user continues to see the logo, name, shortcut for the “information” page and for the videos, among other points;
  • In the middle column are the cover photo, the weekly comments and the timeline posts;
  • In the right column are the “information” box, page videos, events, etc. Unlike previous versions of Facebook pages, no more ads from other companies appear in that column, so they don’t compete with your company for the user’s attention.

5. Custom tabs

Facebook also allows you to create custom tabs or categories. How to buy likes on Facebook post these tabs are located below the profile photo, in a list format, and it is possible to choose from almost 30 options.

Customization can be done with iFrames, which are basically HTML documents within another HTML document. This means that anything a site can do in HTML can be turned into an app, which is how content from a web page moves within Facebook.

So take advantage of this functionality for your business: see how you can use it to help people find information about your products and services. For example, when people search for restaurants on Facebook, an establishment that offers a menu tab on its page can go ahead when it comes to getting customers.

An example is this page below from Red Bull, which shows on the map where there are vacancies available to work at the company. So, you can use these examples to think about information that your company can offer that will help your customers and prospects make the purchase.

6. Call-to-Action Buttons

Facebook offers Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons that appear below the cover image. Their goal is to encourage people to take important actions on your page.

There are several button options you can use, including “book now”, “connect now”, “buy now”, “watch video”, “send email” etc.

RD, for example, often uses a CTA button that redirects the page visitor to the RD Station site. However, during times of events, we also direct the user to the RD Summit website.

Why use a fanpage and not a profile?

Now that we’ve talked about what a fan page is and how to create one for your business, let’s answer this very common question.

We will highlight 10 reasons why your company should have a page and not a profile:

1. Legal barriers

Facebook makes it clear in its terms of service that everyone can have a unique profile and that it must be personal. This means that any company profile violates the terms of service and can therefore be removed at any time.

It certainly wouldn’t be good for your company to work to gain a friend base and then lose it.

2. Limit connections

Profiles have a maximum limit of 5,000 friends. We know that 5,000 is not a low number, but it is not impossible to reach it either. Commercial fanpages have no restrictions on the number of fans.

One of the complaints of those who choose the profile instead of the page is that with the profile it is possible to request friendship, while with the page you can do nothing more than wait for the user to click “like”. It does happen, but given all the other benefits of a fan page, it’s not worth maintaining the profile.

3. Fanpages for companies can have custom tabs

Only one fanpage allows you to edit tabs with any content you want. You can post photos, videos, discussion forums, information about specific products, events, and user reviews.

4. Appointments and registrations

Your fans and other fanpages can publicly mention your page. How to buy likes on Facebook post in a personal profile, this can only be done by your friends.

Tagging can be done on pretty much every Facebook update (photos, videos, links, status, etc.), which means it’s definitely beneficial for any page that wants to grow their fan base. Getting mentioned is always a way to increase engagement and interaction not only between your fans but between other Pages as well.

If your page has a physical location, people can sign up and mention that they’re there, like a restaurant, bar, or hotel. In personal profiles this is impossible.

5. Calls to action

Another advantage that a page has over a profile is the ability to create a call to action button to insert it into the fan page.

These buttons encourage the user to click and perform an action, as explained earlier in the post.

6. Data analysis

A fan page offers the option to generate reports, by presenting important data about the fans (such as location, age, language and gender) and the impact of the page (how many people visited, which posts received the most comments, how many photos and videos were viewed, etc.).

All this information is inaccessible to anyone with a single profile.

7. Multiple access

One of the advantages of having a fan page is that it can be managed by several people at the same time. Also, you can stay connected to your personal profile at the same time.

There are levels of hierarchy where each role has a higher limit of power over the others. These are: administrator, editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst. To find out what functions each level can perform, visit this Facebook help page.

8. Ads

By running a fan page, your business has the ability to create a wide range of ads to reach a larger audience or to promote specific offers.

You can also choose a specific type of campaign objective and optimize it to achieve those results:

  • Boost your posts.
  • Promote your page
  • Send people to your website.
  • Increase conversions on your website.
  • Get installs for your app.
  • Increase engagement with your app.
  • Reach people close to your company.
  • Increase participation in your event.
  • Make people receive your offer.
  • Get video views.

To learn more about accelerating audience growth and results with Facebook Ads, download our Complete Guide to Facebook Ads.

9. Facebook Business

Facebook Business or Business Manager is a tool used to manage access to advertising accounts and fanpages.

The Business Manager is aimed at companies that need to grant multiple and different permissions to a large number of users.

Briefly, the Business Manager allows:

  • Manage access to listings and accounts pages: Get a clear picture of who has access to your listings and accounts pages, and remove or change permissions.
  • Keep your business activities separate: To gain access to your listing pages and accounts without having to add your co-workers as Facebook friends.

10. Connect with Instagram and WhatsApp

In case you didn’t know, Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook. That way, you can connect your professional accounts to each of them. By the way, to have a business account with them you must have a Facebook page.

The exchange of messages between the three platforms, by the way, is already being tested by Facebook, starting with the integration with Instagram. As you saw earlier, visitors can also send messages directly to a registered WhatsApp.