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Facebook Post Likes Buy Strategies to Increase Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook post likes buy Anyone who has a page on Facebook wants to get as many likes as possible without spending. Sounds like something to you, right?

This is what we call organic reach: the number of unique users who see your content in their news feed or visit your Facebook page.

Well, lately the organic reach of Facebook is being a great debate. They say or so I read in numerous blogs of friends who do not stop downloading, that fewer and fewer people see these publications.

Despite this news, there are some strategic techniques that we can apply to increase the organic reach of your Facebook page:

1. Post regularly

Not too much, not too little. Writing once every two weeks will not be effective, but neither will it be if you are heavy with your followers and share content every half hour.

We must find an intermediate point to write quality content on Facebook.

If you do it on a regular basis, you will be more likely to reach more different users, so you will generate more interaction and Facebook will value this, placing your company page in the feed of your followers.

If you have a page of your business that you have not updated for a long time, you still have the opportunity to improve your organic reach with useful and frequent content for your audience.

2. Analyze what is the best time to post

Do not post when your followers are not active on Facebook, Facebook post likes buy as no one will see it and your efforts will be for nothing.

Look at Facebook statistics and choose the best times to publish your content.

A good advice that I give you is to also analyze when your big competitors publish, to do it at a different time from them. This way, there won’t be as many posts fighting to appear in   your audience’s feed.

3. Share quality content

Did you know that Facebook takes into account an algorithm that measures the time a user reads a post? If the content adds value to your readers, they will surely spend time reading or scanning it, and it will provoke some reaction (a like, a share, or a comment).

Therefore, Facebook post likes buy the more value your content providers, the more engagement you will create with your audience and the more likely it is that your content will appear in   the users’ news feed, thus, the more sales you will be able to generate.

If the message you want to convey does not have quality content, and you get into the habit of posting whatever it is without looking at its content, to generate activity, your followers will end up saying goodbye and will not visit you again.

They will prefer to go to other pages that DO give them interesting content and that resolve their worries and concerns.

4. Upload videos directly to Facebook, without linking to YouTube

As you already know, the videos work very well with the audience on Facebook and help to increase the reach only and exclusively if you upload the videos directly to Facebook; that is, nothing to link to YouTube, but you upload it directly to Facebook.

Now that we know how important video is and how big of a reach you can get with it, let’s see below what types of videos are the most successful for the audience:


Who does not like to be explained how to do something in a simple way, Facebook post likes buy detailing each of the steps directly, instead of putting himself to find the key.

That’s what tutorials are for! And no matter what business you have, you can teach your customers to do anything with just a camera, a tripod and a good presence.


The word of customers is worth gold, since what they think can serve as a reference for others who do not yet know the brand.

Hence the importance of offering a video that shows what customers who have already tried your products or services say. You can put together several testimonials and make a dynamic video, which will help you gain the trust of the rest of your audience.

Demonstrations of your products

These videos focus on showing the effect something has without talking much about it.

They are videos that show the before and after, and they usually have a great impact on the audience.