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Buy Likes on Facebook Post Infallible Strategies to Get Likes on Facebook

If you are a Community Manager or if you are in charge of managing one (or several) Fan Pages on Facebook, you probably know that posting a photo or an article every day is not enough to reach your audience. Interesting your target audience requires the implementation of several strategies, buy likes on Facebook post especially if you are pursuing the goal of getting more likes on Facebook. That is why in this blog post I will share with you the five fundamental tips that you must take into account to multiply the Likes that your publications receive. Don’t forget to add this post to favorites!

Share relevant content and stay active

Buy likes on Facebook post this is a double tip, since its terms are related. First of all, if you want to get likes on Facebook, you need to make sure that you share content that is relevant to your audience. This means that the topics you talk about in your posts have to be interesting for your target audience. For example, if your Fan Page has to do with the sports world, then the news, memes and other publications that you share must be linked to that universe.

In turn, something you should keep in mind when planning your publishing strategy, if you want to maximize its effectiveness, is the rule known as 70/20/10. According to it, it is recommended that you distribute the content in the following way:

  • 70% of images that add value and identity to your brand.
  • 20% should be dedicated to sharing others’ posts and ideas,
  • 10% should be focused on promoting your own business

Now, keeping many Fan Pages updated on a daily basis can be an arduous task in terms of resources (work time, organization, etc.). For that reason it is very important that you have the right tools to carry out this task efficiently. Resorting to this tool will save you effort and will enable you to schedule what you will publish for weeks, and even months.

Create contests and promotions

Buy likes on Facebook post another essential point to get likes on Facebook is to attract the public with challenges and prizes. This strategy is extremely effective because through a raffle you can invite your fans to invite other users to vote for them. Thus, through a fun game proposed by your brand, you get new users to join your proposal. For that reason, this technique not only entertains your fans but also improves your institutional image.

I advise you to review our suite of Contests and Promotions to decide which one best suits your marketing needs. Personally, I advise you to propose an Image Contest to your audience. It is a proposal as fun as it is effective: with it you can invite the public to upload their own images under a certain slogan, for example “Upload your selfie with your best friend”. Thus, the photograph with the most votes by the community will win the prize that you decide.

You must configure the application through a series of very simple steps. One of them allows you to include a Fan Box that will invite users to like your Fan Page when accessing the application. At the same time, the fact that users must ask their friends to vote for them to win will make your contest go viral on Facebook, with the consequent increase in Likes for your page.

Use Facebook Ads

Buy likes on Facebook post another very effective strategy to increase the number of likes and fans of your page is to use Facebook Ads. If you use the social network’s advertising platform correctly, the positive results will not be long in coming. In this regard, there are different ways to advertise on Facebook, among which you can choose according to your marketing needs. In general, we can divide the available modalities into two large groups: Interest – based advertisements, and advertisements aimed at Custom Audiences.

interests of users is not as efficient in terms of recovering your investment , since it is about showing ads “blindly” to people who respond to criteria indicated by you, such as Age , Sex , Country , City , etc. Instead, it is much more effective to segment your audience in order to create a Custom Audience.

The main advantage of Custom Audiences is that they allow you to show ads to users who have already expressed interest in your brand, which greatly increases the chances of obtaining favorable responses. For this reason, this kind of advertising on Facebook is widely used as part of the technique known as Retargeting or Remarketing, which seeks to recover undecided or “elusive” customers.

Promote your Fan Page from your website

In addition to the strategies carried out within the social network itself, to get likes on Facebook it is necessary to facilitate the arrival of users from other spaces on the Network linked to your brand. In this way, you can promote your Fan Page from your Twitter account, Instagram, Google+ and other sites that you use daily. In this regard, you can do it directly by inviting your audience to give you a Like or by including a link to your Fan Page in your profile on each social network.

But the main strategy of this section is to buy likes on Facebook post and include access to your Facebook profile in different places on your website. To do this you can add social buttons on your home page or Home, so that users who visit your website can easily click on a Facebook icon, which takes them directly to your Fan Page to start following you. You can also place buttons to share your content at the end of each post, so that people can publish your articles in their biographies.

Add social buttons to your site is extremely simple, since it is usually enough to add a plugin to the web. For example, if your site is hosted on WordPress servers, you can use this Plug-In to invite users to follow you on Facebook. You simply have to activate the Plug-In on your WordPress site and decide, during the configuration, which social buttons you will show to users (in addition to Facebook , it supports Twitter , LinkedIn and other networks, as you can see in the image below). You can also determine what they will look like.

Remember to promote your Fan Page in your offline communications

This point is very important, since limiting yourself to promoting your Fan Page only within the Network considerably reduces your chances of reaching it. That is why I advise you to take advantage of all the offline communication spaces that you handle on a daily basis to recommend your Facebook page. Thus, you can include the URL of your Facebook page in your personal cards, brochures, stickers, posters, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, and other promotional spaces.

Also, if you have a business in your city, be sure to place stickers with the name and URL of your Fan Page in the stained glass windows, and also on some of the interior walls. You can also add the URL of your Facebook page to your receipts and offer special discounts to those who have become fans of your brand or business. Additionally, you can include the data of your Fan Page in all the marketing objects (merchandising) that you give away or offer from your business (such as pens, notepads, magnets, t-shirts, bracelets and other elements). The idea is that as many people as possible find out about your page on Facebook and can start following it. If you carry out the five simple strategies that I have shared with you in this blog post, very soon you will be able to get likes on Facebook and add new fans to your page.