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Buy Like Post Facebook The Best Advertising Campaign to Get Fans on Facebook?

When we are managing a Facebook page, buy like post Facebook one of your own demands or that of your client/boss is to attract fans, grow the community, with the aim of making your brand better known.

For this we can work different strategies through organic management or go directly to advertising campaigns since in most cases it is the most direct option to generate more fans and also make them your target audience based on segmentation that you have done

Fortunately, on Facebook we have several options through advertising to achieve this goal, I will tell you my assessment of them below.

Page Likes Campaigns

It is the most direct option and the one with the lowest cost per fan.

This is a type of campaign in which the goal is to generate the highest number of page likes at the lowest possible cost.

When setting up, we’ll see that it’s only available within the Facebook News placement and that ad delivery optimization is set to Page Likes. Let’s say it’s a type of campaign that has quite a few limits.

The ads are designed purely to achieve the goal of the user becoming a fan where the thumb of the like stands out.

You can customize both the copy, where you have to put a value proposition on your page as reasoning to get that action from the user, and a creative. The title and description are predetermined by the information on your fan page.

What is my assessment?

By theory and costs, buy like post Facebook it should be the best type of campaign when our goal is to attract fans, but it has several problems that we must take into account to assess it within our strategy:

  • The fans that arrive through this campaign are usually low-quality users, on many occasions they like the page without knowing the type of content that we are sharing, possibly because they simply believe that it is a like to the ad, which does that may affect the reach of the publications.
  • It is the type of campaign where more bots or users with profiles that have a certain whiff of false can be found. I recently launched a fan acquisition campaign for my Facebook page, and manually reviewing the likes achieved, they had little to do with what I was looking for.
  • When you are starting out and you have little community, the cost per fan is low (I put €0.05-€0.10 as a reference), but as you increase the cost starts to triple quite easily.

Given this, what he wants to convey is that all that glitters with this objective is not gold and that we must test them but with caution.

It is usually a type of campaign that I work on by launching a Facebook page until I start to have an acceptable community volume to be able to move on to other types of strategies.

Post Engagement Campaigns

These are campaigns in which you sponsor a publication that has come out organically on your fan page to give it more visibility. It can be an image, video, text…

These campaigns can be found under Consideration> «Interaction with the publication» and their objective, as the name suggests, is to generate more interactions, more specifically, they can be optimized to 3 options:

  • Scope.
  • Impressions.
  • Interactions with the publication.

What is my assessment?

Here what usually happens is that this type of campaign helps you to get fans indirectly, buy like post Facebook because if the content you sponsor is attractive, the user tends to see who is that page that is showing that content and if it fits within his interests, he becomes a fan, he is also a fan of better quality than the I like you campaign since he has had to travel more to follow your page.

We are rewarding quality over cost but in the long run it is always a more winning strategy.

Also, if you optimize to generate interactions and get a lot of likes on that post, by seeing who has made a reaction you will be able to invite those people who have interacted but are not fans of your page, a good trick to get more likes.

Traffic campaigns, conversion, reach…

The rest of the campaigns that you can do on Facebook can also indirectly generate fans and also quality ones, for the same reason as in sponsored post interaction campaigns, although their cost is usually higher.

You have to bear in mind that when advertising your page it will be more visible on the network and that there will always be a part of the users that you impact that instead of clicking on the ad, they will click on your name to see who you are and what you do.

From experience in audits, a trend that is usually detected is that the months with active campaigns have a higher percentage of community growth than the months in which we do not invest.


It is something that I repeat a lot but you have to try and fail to see the best result.

From experience that I have had, buy like post Facebook a good strategy is to start with page like campaigns and when we already have an adequate community to be able to work on content organically and that have visibility, gradually give way to sponsored publication campaigns since we will look for more quantity than quality.