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Buy Instant Facebook Post Likes to Increase ‘likes’ On Facebook Pages

Facebook is one of the social platforms with the most active users per month, currently 2.91 billion. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network enables businesses and professionals to create Facebook Pages with business-specific features to increase brand visibility and recognition.

According to the latest study by the consulting firm We Are Social, buy instant Facebook post likes Facebook pages with 10,000 followers or more tend to have up to 0.29% of interactions with their posts, while those that reach more than 100,000 followers may have up to 0.05% participation.

Although the number of followers does not have to mean that one page has better content than another, many times it is the only thing that customers pay attention to, so it is always good to know how we can increase the likes on our Facebook pages.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Pages

-Invite to follow: This function allows you to send an invitation to other Facebook users to follow our page. To find out if we have this functionality activated, we can go to our Facebook page and click on the three dots below the cover photo of your page and then click on the link “Invite to follow”. This option may also appear under the profiles of some of our friends. Invitations can be sent solo or in batches, selecting multiple friends at once.

-Ask questions and answer others: Social media users are looking for interaction and a great way to build relationships is to ask questions. We can find inspiration for the best questions on sites like Quora or Answer the Public. We can also enter Facebook groups related to our industry, buy instant Facebook post likes using the Facebook Page, and work on our presence there, resolving doubts that users have.

-Facebook Groups: Since we talked about Facebook Groups, a great way to get new likes is to create a Facebook group and manage it. Currently, the groups have more than 1,800 million users, so it is very possible to increase our audience using this functionality. Creating a group requires a lot of work, buy instant Facebook post likes since it is important to control who enters and what content is published so that it is not filled with spam and poor quality content.

-Videos: Videos are one of the contents that work best on Facebook, especially on pages, since they have the best percentage of engagement. In this sense, it is very important to incorporate video into our content strategy. On the other hand, Facebook appreciates the native video of the platform, as well as the direct ones from Facebook.

-Industry news: If we want people to follow our Facebook page, buy instant Facebook post likes we have to show that we are experts in the subject or in the niche in which we work. To do this, one of the best ways to do it is to stay up to date with all the news and developments in our industry, sharing them together with our point of view on the matter.