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Buy Facebook Post Likes and Comments Ways to Gain Traffic on Facebook In 2022

Buy Facebook post likes and comments for most eCommerce brands, gaining traffic on Facebook remains the best method of driving web traffic to their site and building an audience with their customers and fans.

This is particularly true for lifestyle and business related brands that know how to create engaging and shareable content.

Chances are you already have your Facebook page up and running and are currently regularly sharing content with your followers. But does that effort compensate you with an increase in sales?

If you want to know how to increase traffic on Facebook so that your sales skyrocket, take a look at the 9 most effective ways to do it.

Ideas to increase free traffic with Facebook

Below you will see the ways that we believe are the most successful to increase traffic on Facebook in Spain.

1. Use images that generate traffic on Facebook

To generate traffic and sales on Facebook buy Facebook post likes and comments, you first have to build an audience and create engagement with it. Along these lines, you’ve probably heard that images perform better than any other type of post on Facebook. 

However, not all images provide the same results: the people at Buffer found that self-explanatory photos get more engagement than those that require additional explanations.

In fact, in the following example, the image on the left is self-explanatory, while the one on the right requires a description to explain what it is about.

If you’re sharing images of your products on Facebook, consider adding or overlaying caption over the photo that says something like “New,” “Available,” or “Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection.” In this way, you will be adding more context to the image, so that it is more understandable in a single glance.

2. Sell the lifestyle linked to your products to generate more traffic on Facebook

Buy Facebook post likes and comments another important strategy for generating traffic on Facebook—when it comes to creating compelling images—is to understand that it’s not just about selling products. On top of that, you are also selling the lifestyle associated with your products.

In other words: post photos that show examples of your ideal store customer using your products in an environment that makes sense for your brand and niche.

In addition, another interesting way to inject more traffic on Facebook is to use other products that are not direct competitors, but are still “in” in your product images.

For example, Poler Stuff, a brand that sells sports products for outdoor use, does a good job in the following example, where it shows a cyclist on a weekend trip.

This image inspires its fans, while promoting the outdoor lifestyle associated with its products.

3. Create collages of your products

Let’s face it: Posting product photos over and over again can be boring for your followers.

To make your images more interesting, try creating visually appealing collages that bring similar items together.

You can even use this strategy to offer style guides or tips on how other products can complement yours well.

4. Run sweepstakes and contests

According to this study, 42% of people “like” a brand on Facebook, in order to obtain coupons or discounts. Put another way: You should offer deals to your Facebook fans, because that’s what they want to get.

Contests are a great way to engage your audience buy Facebook post likes and comments, while attracting new potential customers to your page.

In the following example, Hadas y Cuscus created a giveaway for decoration lovers, in which they asked for a series of actions based on giving «likes» and making comments on their publication, in exchange for giving away a beanbag and a rug.

5. Offer seasonal discounts

Offering discounts based on the season can be a very effective way to get people to take action on your behalf.

And if you add an expiration date to the discount offered, sales will multiply thanks to this trigger that always offers great results.

6. Offer gift cards

People love to buy gift cards.

In fact, buy Facebook post likes and comments according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 81% of Americans will buy at least one gift card during the holidays. The same survey also found that 70% of customers who use gift cards will spend more than the value reflected on the card.

Offering gift cards — especially around the holidays — is a great opportunity to drive traffic on Facebook, as it gives people a great way to share your brand and products with their family and friends.

7. Make your users choose themes, images or products

Giving users the option to choose an attractive product can be one of the best ways to increase the participation of your audience.

If you don’t know how to create traffic on Facebook buy Facebook post likes and comments, in the following example, Frank & Oak Pits pits its Android and iPhone users against each other, and invites them to “Like” or comment according to the operating system that runs their device.

If you are a fashion brand, for example, you could pick one of your products that people love or hate and ask them “Would you wear this? Like if you would and comment if you wouldn’t.”

8. Offer free shipping

If you don’t normally offer free shipping, doing so from time to time can be a very compelling incentive to drive your audience off Facebook and into your store.

This is how the party dress store, Quissmoda, does it, which offers free shipping throughout Spain in this Facebook post.

9. Use the Facebook Store app

Facebook Store is an official Shopify app that allows you to publish your products and collections through your Facebook Page.

This is ideal for generating traffic and sales through this social network, as well as increasing engagement with your followers.

The app will also provide you with a highly visible and customizable tab on your Facebook page.