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Buy Facebook Photo Likes Steps to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

One of the biggest challenges businesses have when using Facebook is getting people to engage with their content.

Different experts and studies show that a company (Fanpage) on Facebook can only reach between 1% and 5% of its total followers organically, if you want to reach your entire community of followers you must invest in paid advertising.

You should know that a person receives an average of 1,500 publications a day, which makes it impossible to show them all the content that is generated on the internet.

Officially Facebook has an algorithm called EdgeRank which is responsible for choosing what is printed in our feed.

Instead of displaying as much content as possible directly, the algorithm is designed to display the most relevant content for each user based on their browsing history, buy Facebook photo likes 25 interaction with friends, interaction in groups and pages, and many other parameters. .

Facebook has so far made it clear that its priority is social content and for this it has focused on promoting relationships between people.

Companies that want to massively reach an audience should maximize their efforts to connect with the public to improve the user experience.

What does this mean?

It means that Facebook rewards quality content, content that receives comments or is shared, and in the same way punishes companies that continually publish but do not add value for their target audience.

Surely you are wondering how do I generate valuable content.

The answer is simple, you must think like a consumer, you must ask yourself if you were on the other side that you would like to see, how you would like to be helped.

These basic questions will allow you to consolidate different topics that you can then arrange in a content schedule so that you can start immediately.

Now that you have the guidelines to generate valuable content for your community, we give you the three steps you must follow to consolidate organic growth on Facebook.


The first step to take advantage of social networks is to look for authenticity, your company is unique and that is how it should be perceived by your potential customers.

No matter what your business is, the important thing is that you identify the elements that make you unique and that make you the best option for the market.


Many companies publish continuously on their social networks and still do not achieve an increase in their reach, we must understand that it is not a matter of quantity, buy Facebook photo likes 25 it is important to identify and develop different topics that are relevant to your followers.

The challenge at this point is to find a balance between what the companies wants to communicate and what the community needs. These two points do not always coincide and that is precisely where we must go deeper to obtain valuable content.


Whenever you post on your social networks you should include a call to action, this will allow your followers to interact, share or comment on your posts.

Different studies show an increase of up to 20% in the interactions that users carry out when the publication includes messages such as “share with your friends”, “comment your opinion”, etc.

If you apply these three recommendations, we can assure you that in a short time your community will begin to grow organically, buy Facebook photo likes 25 increasing its interactions and comments.