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Buy Facebook Likes on a Post Strategies to increase your followers on Facebook

Now yes, we are going to see 6 strategies to grow your community on Facebook.

1. Include the “Like” button on your website

The possibility of becoming a fan of the Facebook page of your e-commerce buy Facebook likes on a post without having to leave your website is a powerful and fast way to retain visitors.

It’s about making it easy for the user and saving them the step of having to open Facebook to search for your business and follow you.

The “Like” button, together with the subscription box to the email newsletter, are elements that cannot be missing from your website.

If you want to increase your followers on Facebook. It’s as simple as entering your URL and copying the generated code on your website.

We have already discussed this in other user experience articles, but it is important to remember to be careful with the placement of social media buttons.

Your website must be an arrival site, not an exit site. Allow them to like but do not put too cheap an outgoing link to your social networks. They are visits that will leave and never return.

2. Implement a Social Locker

This WordPress plugin is a great tool to get followers on Facebook and increase the dissemination of your content.

Social Locker consists of hiding a file of special value, be it the best part of a post, a video or a link to download a file. This part will only be unlocked in exchange for a social action, in this case a “Like”.

However, we recommend using it sparingly.

Refrain from including it in all your content or else your followers could perceive you as an interested party who only wants to see their visibility grow at any price.

3. Organize contests and giveaways

Without a doubt, buy Facebook likes on a post it is one of the best techniques to obtain followers on Facebook thanks to the great impact it generates. Carrying out occasional giveaways of your products  will bring you a large number of likes and shares at a low cost,  and will make you look like a nice business that rewards its followers.

No matter how slim the chance of winning, people will take the bait. Even people who just discovered your page will share the post.

4. Focus on engagement

You already know that if you don’t work hard, most followers won’t see your posts.

In reality, your number of followers on Facebook does not matter, but the number of “people who are talking about this”. This figure more clearly reveals your real reach, since it is the followers who are actually interacting with your content.

A follower who does not communicate with you through comments, likes or shares will hardly ever become a customer.

So forget about the number of followers and start generating engagement.

To achieve this desired involvement, you can launch surveys, open questions or dedicate one day a week to making a thematic section.

Take time to respond to comments as well. Making a publication looking for interaction and leaving the people who respond to you with the word in their mouth transmits a very bad image and will make those people not comment again.

5. Keep your page updated

With the new algorithm and the loss of organic reach, many fan pages have thrown in the towel.

  • Posts over a year old pinned to the timeline.
  • Unanswered reviews and comments.
  • Etc.

An image of an abandoned house that does a disservice to the interests of the business.

What would be the point of Facebook sending visits to a lot?

It is preferable not to have a fan page to transmit laziness. Remember the social proof, would you consume in a bar with signs from two years ago so empty that not even the owner goes?

The same thing happens online.

Nobody will become a follower of a page whose last publication is from the last century.

6. Create Facebook groups

Going back to engagement, you should also consider creating a Facebook group open to your followers.

Buy Facebook likes on a post Although it is true that your participation would take place from your personal profile and not directly from your page, leading a Facebook group gives you many advantages:

  • Strengthen your online reputation.
  • Improve your visibility.
  • It makes the members much more active, interacting with you and also with each other.

Instead of mere followers, you will have a community.

Another positive aspect of groups is that, unlike fan pages, their organic reach has increased.

And what to post in the group? Well, content that is consumed from within the group, in the next point there are several ideas.

7. Create unique content for Facebook

Facebook likes internal content, meaning posts that keep users on the platform (the longer the better).

Your business is based on displaying advertising and the more minute’s users spend, the more ads you can show them.

With its current algorithm, it gives priority to content that does not take the user to other websites, such as links from blog articles or other pages. The scope of what gets people off Facebook is devalued against what keeps users on longer and longer.

One type of own content that is standing out above is live videos. Facebook Live has doubled its volume every year since its launch in 2016, and is already moving in the two billion annual retransmissions.

Another good strategy is to generate content only for a social network.

To save time, most brands recycle Instagram content on Facebook, which is not positive for the user or for the social network itself.

You can play the same topic but modify at least the image or the words with which you tell it. The public will value it and want to see your content.

8. Find out the best time to post

Unfortunately, at this point there is no formula. You are going to have to test and test when your posts receive the most feedback.

Depending on your activity, buy Facebook likes on a post it is possible that the nature of your followers is more diurnal and it is convenient for you to post in the middle of the morning. Or maybe it is more effective for you to do it at dinner time because those who follow you are animals of the night.

But not only is the time important.

Choosing the ideal day to publish a certain type of content is also important. If, for example, you have a blog and you publish a new post every week, you will be able to check the notable difference in visits that posting on Thursday or Saturday entails.

You can take a look at your competition and see what works best for them.

9. Send visits to your fan page

It is possible that you are carrying out an online networking strategy based on comments on blogs and pages in your sector.

In these comments, or in forums and other communities, you usually have a space to leave a url. Once your fan page is working, updated and moving, it is a good idea to leave that url instead of your website.

It will be a good first contact that will generate new followers, who with time and work will be able to get to know you and become leads first and then customers.

10. BONUS: Invite your followers to click “see first”

If you want to get an extra boost in the reach of your posts you should try this.

Your followers, unfortunately, do not follow you exclusively, but they follow many other brands. And that means that your posts compete with those of all those other brands that your followers also follow.

When you visit a Facebook page there is an option to define the priority with which to see what you post and the possible notifications.

Invite your followers to select “See First” or even turn on notifications to get notified when you post something new.

Most followers won’t, but the few that do will see your content above the rest.

If they have predefined it as a priority, they will be more likely to interact, which in turn will make the Facebook algorithm show it more and have a longer history in the competitive fight for the attention of consumers.