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Buy 500 Facebook Photo Likes Mind Tricks for Your Facebook Ads

If you are running a Facebook ad campaign for your business or planning to do so, buy 500 Facebook photo likes one of the issues that most concerns us is generating the highest possible engagement with each ad.

Many times we can break our heads, but the small details are usually the difference between receiving a click or not.

We want to leave you with 5 mental or psychological tricks that will help you increase your audience’s desire to comment, share or contact you directly through your Facebook ads.

Big brands use them, confirming that they can help your goals a lot.

Create a sense of urgency

This technique is not new and has always been used in advertising buy 500 Facebook photo likes. The difference is that before you saw a Call to action in a magazine that said “Call now!” and if you didn’t have a phone handy, it wasn’t a functional call to action. However, with social networks, getting in touch with a brand is just a click away for the user.

Therefore, give your audience reasons to take action right away. Create time offers or limited stock. Use copy like “sign up now”, “limited time offer”, “last units”, etc.

American Express does it with a phrase that invites you to take immediate action:  What are you waiting for?

X% discount

According to experts, it is better to show discounts with percentages (50% discount) than in amount of money ($20 discount).

This is just another very common trick to fool people. 50% looks more impressive than the actual amount of money this could mean. This is essential in social networks, where the time to capture the attention of a user is almost nil.

Gift to win

A marketing strategy that usually works for some business models is to give free things in exchange for attracting and retaining customers. And this should not go unnoticed in your ads.

Remember, this is about causing the user to take a certain action with your ad. The word “free” can do that. It offers a valuable resource and in return asks for information such as the user’s email. Once the information is obtained, it will be easier for you to contact your potential client.

Don’t complicate things, don’t use hashtags or @

Networks like Twitter or Instagram work well with hashtags. Don’t do this with your Facebook ads.

Why? Because what we want is for the user to make a single click. A single action. If we give more options to the user, we may not achieve the goal.

It is important that you take this into account, since many times we think that by putting hashtags we can reach more audiences who are interested, but if we segment your ads well, this will not be necessary.

Hubspot, an expert company in Inbound Marketing, buy 500 Facebook photo likes knows this very well and only gives us one way out of your ad, a single button.

Make questions

Facebook is made for people to interact and this is exactly what your brand should be looking for. Interact with your audience.

Creating interactions is an effective way to get users to pay attention to your ad. And a good way to create interaction is by asking questions.

The trick is to ask a relevant question. It is not the same to ask “How was your day, fans?” to “Do you think you are doing enough to secure your future?”

You can start using these mind tricks today in your ads to inspire your audience to engage with your ads.