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Buy 25 Facebook Post Likes Strategies to Increase Your Fans on Facebook Page: Steps to Grow

Buy 25 Facebook post likes for the people who are responsible for the growth of the community in Social Networks, I remind you that in a previous article we reviewed the topic of strategies to increase followers on twitter.

The main strategies to grow fans on your Facebook page are:

1. Content

As I mentioned in a previous article, buy 25 Facebook post likes strategic content in Digital Marketing and especially on Facebook. To create value-added content for your target audience, it is necessary to know them very well, in order to identify the type of content of interest to them. Incorporate content in different formats: photographs, videos and multimedia material.

You should avoid copying and pasting articles from the website onto the Facebook page for two main reasons:

  • Google will consider it as duplicate content and will de-index one of the two articles.
  • The tone of your website and your Facebook page should be different. The website has an institutional tone and the tone of the Facebook page should be closer and warmer.

2. Respond to comments and encourage participation

A very common mistake that companies make is to create their Facebook page and not have a Community Manager to manage it. When this happens, in addition to preventing the growth of fans, buy 25 Facebook post likes the Facebook page becomes a negative element for the company’s reputation, since there will be complaints and claims on the wall without response.

A good Community Manager will be attentive to respond in a timely manner to any concern or comment made on the wall. He will also ask fans questions to encourage their participation. When this is achieved, it is said that engagement has been achieved on the Facebook page.

3. Use Twitter to spread Facebook content

Twitter is a very powerful tool to propagate content, that’s why you should use it to propagate Facebook articles. This work must be done manually (not automatically) to ensure that the promotional tweets are adequate to 140 characters.

Another way to promote your Facebook page on Twitter is by adding the address in the description (bio) so that all your Twitter followers know that you have a Facebook page.

4. Promote your Facebook page on the website

It is very important to integrate your website with social networks and especially with Facebook. This integration can be in two ways:

  • A follow us space on Facebook generally used by E-Commerce websites and some branding.
  • Posting the latest Facebook articles and comments on your website used by sites with an emphasis on community building. Electronic newspapers and news portals use this type of integration.

5. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a very effective strategy to grow the number of fans on your Facebook page as it allows you to segment your target audience by age, location, studies, topics of interest, etc. Some studies show that it is the most important way users reach Facebook pages.

It’s a quick and easy way to get fans for your Facebook page, but it does require spending money to do it.

Those who want to delve into this topic I suggest the article19 tips to grow the number of fans with Facebook ADS.

6. Use email to promote your Facebook page

Add your Facebook page to your email signature, buy 25 Facebook post likes this will help you promote your Facebook page and thus increase your visibility.

If you have a database of an e-Mail Marketing strategy, it is important to create an e-mail campaign to communicate the existence of your Facebook page to increase your fans exponentially.

7. Create a landing page

Every time a visitor who is not a fan arrives at your Facebook page, either through advertising (Facebook Ads) or because they knew about it through the virality of social networks, they must land on a Landing Page that calls for the action of becoming a fan. . It is useful to give an incentive such as giving away a book, a video, etc.

For fans, you can have a landing page with an application that allows you to recommend the page to your friends.